About Us.

About Us.


“We believe that every single person can live the life of their dreams, doing the things that make them feel fulfilled, without their health getting in the way. We believe that getting old doesn’t have to equate to daily pharmaceutical use and the “inevitable” surgical intervention. More drugs and more surgeries are not the answer to America’s health pandemic. 80% of all illness in this country is attributable to chronic diseases caused by poor lifestyle choices and they are all 100% preventable. We believe that the human body is an extremely intelligent organism that is inherently designed to self-heal and that the single best thing anyone can do for their health is to support the natural design of their body. Most of healthcare focuses on disease and what causes people to get sick. We focus on the natural design of the body and what causes people to thrive. We choose to keep our focus on the Brightside.”

Dr. Anthony Schuller, DC

Founder | Clinic Director | Action Sports Enthusiast

Our Story.

Dr. Anthony’s passion for chiropractic began as a child when he was brought to a chiropractor for severe asthma. From birth to 2 years old, Anthony was rushed to the ER multiple times because he’d turn blue from lack of oxygen. Medical doctors prescribed an inhaler to prevent future attacks but did not provide any real answers. This approach led to more medications without any hope for a healthy future. Eventually, a family friend referred him to a Chiropractor. Within weeks of starting care, his body started functioning the way God designed it to, his asthma resolved, and all medications were dropped! Now, as a board-certified Doctor of Chiropractic, he has a passion for providing others with the same hope he once received!

Dr. Anthony is determined on providing the absolute best chiropractic care because he has witnessed so many people succumb to unnecessary medical treatments, including various medications and surgeries. Even more, he knows there’s another solution because he and his family continue to experience it! Using a multitude of techniques to detect and correct the underlying cause of various health concerns, Dr. Anthony focuses on neurological, and corrective chiropractic care because he recognizes that all functions of the body are coordinated and controlled by the nervous system.

He graduated Magna cum Laude from Life Chiropractic College West in Hayward, CA, and obtained Clinic Honors for demonstrating excellence in the care of his patients. Since graduating, Dr. Anthony has worked in two different clinical practices in Southern California, gaining extensive experience in pediatric, perinatal, and rehabilitative care.

Dr. Anthony’s personal mission is to keep families together, doing the things they love and restore hope in their future health.

When he isn’t working, you can find Dr. Anthony running around with his wife and daughter (Saige and Vail) or flying down the mountain, getting his adrenaline fix! He and his family love to be outdoors year-round, walking their dog, going for hikes, running, biking, skiing or snowboarding, and spending quality time with their family, friends, or church.

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