If you’re looking to avoid surgery, solve chronic pain, and get back to having fun like you were young again, look no further. With the goal of restoring optimal spinal curvature and alignment, spinal corrective care makes measurable, long-lasting change. Just like your blood pressure should be within an acceptable normal range, so too should the human spine be within normal ranges for optimal health, pain reduction, and injury prevention.

If you’ve ever suffered whiplash, been in a significant sporting injury, dealt with a disc herniation, or have sat at a desk for most of your adult life, this is for you. With corrective chiropractic care, we often hear “you’ve given me my life back.”

We are proud to be one of the only chiropractic offices in the Salt Lake metro area to offer Digital, Motion Study X-Rays to our patients. To better help you and correctly diagnose the problem, we take x-rays through a range of motion, which allows the doctor to locate the exact area(s) of dysfunction and concern.

If you are pregnant and looking for a way to improve your health and the health of your baby, consider chiropractic care. Our Chiropractors are certified by the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA) in the Webster Technique. This is the only certified prenatal chiropractic technique. If you’re pregnant, make sure your doctor is Webster Certified. We are trained to work with pregnant women both during and after pregnancy to prepare your body for delivery and aid in proper recovery.

Studies have shown that Webster chiropractic care can reduce the risk of pre-term labor, breech presentation, emergency c-section, AND even shorten the average overall delivery time. Chiropractic care is also known to improve the function of the immune system, which is important for both the mother and baby during pregnancy.

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At Brightside Chiropractic, we have helped hundreds of children live healthier lives by providing gentle chiropractic care in our state-of-the art clinic. We help kids early on in their development when it matters most! Many seek pediatric chiropractic to improve breast feeding/latching, spit up, colic, sleep disturbances, bed wetting, constipation, ear infections, chronic sinus congestion, frequent illness, ADHD, and more.

For those patients that cannot feasibly have x-rays taken on them, Brightside Chiropractic is proud to offer a research-supported, digital posture evaluation. These posture screens are radiation-free, and use a specific software to measure postural abnormalities down to the millimeter.

Posture affects every physiological function from muscle tone and pain sensation to breathing, stress regulation, and normal hormone production. Now we have a very efficient and reliable way to evaluate your posture and easily measure your progress throughout care.

Through firsthand experience or the experience of a friend or loved one, we all know the pain that a car accident can cause. While it can be frustrating and stressful to deal with bills, insurance, and the physical pain or suffering that can follow, Brightside Chiropractic is well-versed in these scenarios, and we help hundreds of car accident patients every year.
Some patients experience pain immediately after the crash, some experience pain days or weeks after, and still others suffer the effects years after the accident. Because of the wide array of scenarios that can take place, it is crucial that ALL members of a crash, whether hurt or not, get checked at a corrective care chiropractic office like Brightside Chiropractic.

The bills are almost always 100% covered by insurance, and seeking care does NOT raise your insurance premiums. It is extremely important to make sure nothing in your body is damaged that will result in pain and suffering years down the road.

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At Brightside Chiropractic, we know athletes! Dr. Anthony has provided care for numerous professional, elite, and even Olympic athletes!
We understand athletes at the big-league level, and apply that knowledge for our adult athletes or your kids at the little-league level.
Whether your visit to Brightside involves a specific injury, or if you are simply looking for Preventative Care to perform at your absolute best, you’ll find what you are looking for at Brightside Chiropractic.

Whiplash and Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMJD, or jaw pain) typically occur from some kind of trauma, such as a car accident. However, there can be other causes as well.
The doctors at Brightside Chiropractic have taken post-graduate courses in providing care for both conditions, and practice specific techniques for each.

Slips and falls, whether at work on a slick surface or while at home or outside, can cause a myriad of health problems and chronic pain. At Brightside Chiropractic, our doctors are highly trained in providing injury care and will do what it takes to change the trajectory of your health to get you better.

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